Prama Foundation

To support, advance and maintain the best interests of older people in accordance with our mission and to reflect back the contribution they make to society.


To further the objective of positive societal attitude towards older persons. For older people, changes in social status due to retirement from the paid workforce combined with increasing vulnerability due to decreasing physical and mental fitness may contribute to a need for “advocacy support”.


There is a clear need for advocacy for those experiencing vulnerability and frailty with regard to human rights; abuse of older

people and combating negative stereotypes of ageing.


The Prama Foundation works hard to be a voice for the older person through conferences, partnerships with organisations such as Ageing Without Children (AWOC) and a voice at a national and international level. 

Age UK

“Those over 55 make up a fifth of the UK population. But do we in later life have a big enough say in the decisions that affect our lives?”

Our aims

We aim to develop policies and delivery strategies which reflect the range of issues that matter to older people, from care and health to leisure and learning.


We aim to develop and increase approaches which recognise the vital role that older people play in our society and improve the participation and engagement of older people in developing policy and in service delivery.


We aim to ensure that health, social care and housing services are tailored around the needs of older people, helping to maintain their independence in their own homes, and that specialist services are available when needed.


We aim to see older people at the centre of society and ensure they are engaged as active citizens, allowing people to work longer if they want to and ending the problem of good, able workers being thrown on the scrapheap just because of their age.

We aim to expose and shed the stereotypes that surround older people and instead ensure that society at all levels can help people to live the lives that they want and deserve.

We aim to ensure older people have access to transport, education courses or sports facilities and give people the independence and choice they want in choosing the services that they need.

We aim to be a voice making a difference locally, nationally and internationally.