The Church and Mental Wellbeing Conference

Conference on The Church and Mental Wellbeing

Supporting church leaders, pastoral ministers and key volunteers to find new and positive ways to embrace those who live with mental health needs, enabling them to feel welcome, wanted and useful, with sessions on:

  • Addiction,

  • Depression,

  • Grief and loss,

  • Anxiety in young people.

How do you as a Church leader, youth worker or key volunteer offer the most effective support to those who come looking for help?

How do you comfort the bereaved and hold the broken-hearted?

What can you say or do to offer solace to a teen with unrelenting anxiety?

With experienced Christian professionals from the Pilgrim's Friend Society, Salvation Army and practicing Christian counsellors, our keynote speakers are Will Van Der Hart from the Mind and Soul Foundation and Mark Bailey, Lead Pastor of Encounter Church Winchcombe.

The Barrington Centre in Ferndown, Dorset on 23 May 2019.

A simple light lunch and tea and coffee will be provided.

A limited number of Early Bird tickets available until 31 March.

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