We believe that Prama demonstrates a “new” model of charitable service and is the future of the charitable sector in that we are effectively self-funding our core activities.  We know that our services are excellent and far beyond that given by most other providers. We will advertise and promote our services through all appropriate and available opportunities.

Voice of Quality

Prama will speak out on issues affecting the quality of service and care within the sector, whether as a consequence of Government or local decision making or from identifying good or poor practice.

Knowledge Base

We will seek to become a listening organisation. Actively and strategically seeking the views of all who have a contribution to make


Prama will seek to work in partnership with universities and institutions to take forward thinking on issues of ageing. We will seek to explore innovation and applaud creative solutions to the challenges facing the sector and individuals as they age.


We aim to develop advice services for older people, linking through communities and enabling everyone as far as possible, to have a great quality of later life and live free from the fear of crime, abuse, neglect and persecution


We will further develop our training services, highlighting and disseminating good practice and seeking to become recognised as a premier provider of training on matters of ageing and intergenerational practice.


We will seek to develop our role as an advocate on behalf of those experiencing vulnerability, isolation and voicelessness.


We believe that all people are created equal by God. As such we assert that someone does not lose their value to the community or to God as they age. Working with other Christians will explore issues of spirituality in ageing and the barriers to worship and spiritual growth that can come from dementias, infirmity, health, frailty, technology and isolation.

Church Engagement

As a Christian organisation Prama is a part of the congregation of the church. We will develop our ministry role as teacher, prophet, pastor and helper. Speaking and teaching on intergenerational practice along with the role, support and inclusion of older people in the life of the Church. We will seek to fund opportunities for different congregations to come together and facilitate their ministry.


To comment, campaign and advocate in line with our mission and vision and collaborate in research.


Prama recognises that a positive engagement with ageing throughout the life course will delay the onset of frailty and enable individuals to live longer, stronger and independent. The importance of the lifecourse approach as a framework is often downplayed as “common sense” and its promotion “needless”. In reality, acceptance of this principle has enormous implications on the way an individual’s health is maintained, the training of health professionals and the way health care systems are developed to meet individual’s needs. Prama will work to show that there is value to be gained in acknowledging the importance of adopting a life course approach to health, explore the issues raised and addressing challenges that result.

Men Shaking Hands

To work, across sectors, in partnership with:-

  • central and local government

  • voluntary sector,

  • churches and,

  • private sectors


Working together to bring about change in attitudes and approach to dealing with issues impacting older people. As part of this we will keep involving older people and listening to what they are saying to effectively tackle the issues we all face as we age. We want ageing to be enjoyed, not endured!

Prama Foundation

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